Interest rates are so low on American savings accounts that putting money in the bank seems only slightly smarter than putting it under a mattress.  There are so many investment options in the marketplace, it is not easy to decide which ones are best suited for you.  Investors who seek shorter term investments that produce a higher yield need not look further.  Our investment is only 12 months long and provides a fixed annual interest rate currently at 10%.

Protecting Your Investment Investors From Market Uncertainty 

Since the company was founded in 2011, we have never had a loan default, not one.  But, whenever a loss does occur, it will always be absorbed by the company’s equity, not your investment. This is possible, in part, because your investment goes into the same pool of capital that we put our own money in.  Never does your investment go into one specific project.  The protection we offer is strengthened by an especially conservative Company Equity Policy. As verified by annual financial audits, this policy mandates that the total of all investments plus any lines of credit issued to the Company cannot exceed one times OBL’s equity.  We will never raise more investments than what we can back ourselves. While the Company Equity Policy and funding structure do not eliminate all risks, we believe they constitute best practices for fiduciary responsibility to our investors

A Hands Free Investment With No Costs

Investors are never tied to a specific construction loan.  There are no loan applications you have to review, no files for you to select, no management or inspections you have to perform, that’s our job. We do everything. This is a hands-free investment, and there are absolutely no costs, fees, or commissions you have to pay.

Investments Are Available to Accredited Investors Only.

An accredited investor is an individual who meets at least one of the following descriptions:

  1. Has a net worth, either personally or jointly, of $1,000,000 after excluding the value of their primary residence, if applicable.
  2. If investing individually, had income in excess of $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or, if investing jointly, had income in excess of $300,000 each of the two most recent years.

We invite you to find out more about our company and the investment process. We promise a prompt and courteous response on your schedule. Welcoming any and all of your questions, comments or concerns, the OBL team is eager to hear from you. Please contact us today.