When we refer to investments in Owner Builder Loans, LLC as being “hands-free,” what we really mean is worry-free, stress-free and effortless. As an accredited investor, you’ve got enough to handle without adding the tasks of managing construction loans to your plate. Because we’ve got more than 65 years of experience, we’re more than just a little skilled in handling all aspects of private construction loans and we truly just expect you to let us take the reigns, while you simply enjoy the rewards that funding OBL ventures offers.

From application to loan closing, our process ensures that while we aggressively screen and qualify borrowers, you enjoy a low-risk return. While we collect payments, you collect interest. While we analyze blueprints, pay construction draws, schedule inspections and process funding, you enjoy annual or term payments. It really is that easy.

Because we are the trusted source for private residential construction loans, helping owner/builders to build the home of their dreams, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your investment choice, giving you a unique opportunity to take advantage of Arizona’s, Colorado’s and Michigan’s robust construction industries while diversifying your portfolio.

Discover how stress-free and effortless funding construction projects can be by scheduling a comprehensive consultation with Fred L. Arnold today.