First and foremost, contact us and we will send to you a copy of our Private Placement Memorandum. This document contains a full disclosure of all facts to our investment.

We would also like to offer our potential investors the opportunity to contact our C.E.O., Company Attorney, and our Certified Public Accountant. Here is their contact information and please feel free to ask them anything.

Not Sure What Questions To Ask?

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Has an investor ever lost money with OBL?
  • Has anyone ever sued OBL?
  • How long has the C.E.O. been doing this?
  • Has the C.E.O. ever been sued?
  • Has the C.E.O. ever filed bankruptcy?


Contact our C.E.O. and Founder:

Fred L. Arnold, (800) 543-5600 Ext. 114

Linkedin Profile for Fred Arnold:

Owner Builder Loans, LLC

2035 Hogback Road

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105


Contact our Attorney who has represented us for over 20 years:

Fred Green, FGreen@BODMANLAW.COM (313) 259-7777

Bodman PLC Michigan’s 7th largest law firm.

Representative clients: Bank of America, Comerica Bank, Ford Family

6th Floor At Ford Field

1901 St. Antoine St.

Detroit, Michigan 48226


Contact our Certified Public Accountant who has represented us

for over 20 years:

Kurt Siebenhaller, (248) 355-1040

UHY LLP Michigan’s 6th largest accounting firm.

27725 Stansbury Blvd.

Suite 200

Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334